Infant CPR (for parents)

Infant CPR


The excitement around a new baby is high. With that excitement comes the fear of ‘what if’. An Infant CPR course can help relieve some of those fears.

In this course you will learn and practice the skills of infant CPR and what to do if your baby is choking. Research shows that CPR is a muscle memory skill. That means that if you haven’t practiced it, you’ll forget it in about 6 months. So, even if you’ve done infant CPR in a recent course the question remains- “Do you remember what to do?”

This course will allow you to practice in a safe environment. You can bring your infant (under 12 months) with you. Please bring their baby carrier so they can relax while you practice the skills on a manikin.

We’ll also talk about SIDS – the syndrome┬áthat puts fear into every parent’s heart; Shaken Baby Syndrome – how to avoid this even when you’ve had no sleep and baby keeps crying; the Baby Blues (and postpartum depression)- let’s remove the stigma and talk about coping mechanisms and when and where to get help.

Courses in Claresholm, Vulcan and Black Diamond in February 2017.