Stage 1


Thanks for stopping by to check out the Home Alone mini-series I put together for you.

There are 3 stages to developing home alone independence. Once your child has taken the course they’ll want to be left home alone.

I hope you’ll find this mini-series helpful as you start planning your home alone strategy.  Over the next few days you’ll find Stages 2 and 3 in your inbox.

Wishing you all the best as you transition your child to greater independence.



Stage 1

5-10 minutes home alone

I found this stage the scariest. I would race to the post office and phone home to see that everything was okay before rushing back. When I got home all was well.

It was like I hadn’t left at all. My daughter was still doing what I had her doing before I left. I think this stage takes more time to get set-up and talk about after than the time you’re actually away. That being said here’s a place to start.

Activity Ideas  

  • Read a book
  • Watch a DVD (no worries about internet safety)
  • Drawing or coloring (paper activities)

My theory at this stage is “If nobody moves… nobody gets hurt!” 🙂


  • Following directions – doing what you’ve asked them to do
  • Answering the phone when they see it is you calling
  • Feeling comfortable being home alone


  • When you come home use your key to unlock the door. If you always unlock the door when you get home they get used to not opening the door for anybody.  
  • If they’ve followed directions and worked on the activity you left them with – affirm them. Let them know that it builds trust when you see that they can follow instructions even when they’re alone.
  • Phone calls – if you called them when you were out, affirm them if they answered your call. Let them know that when they answer the phone it gives you peace of mind knowing that they’re okay. Remind them that they can call you at anytime when they’re home alone.
  • Lastly and most importantly ask your child how they felt when they were home alone. If they weren’t comfortable – wait and try again after some time has passed. You can also take a step back and try leaving them in the house alone with a short task to complete while you do something outside for a few minutes. In this way you are still home but they will start feeling comfortable in the house by themselves.


Look for Stage 2 in your inbox in the next few days.
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