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  1. I am wanting to see if you have any space left in Coaldale Home Alone that’s being ran at the Coaldale Public Library. Unable to register on line. Thanks for your reply.
    Teresa Elliott-Doersam

  2. Hi there. Does a child have to be 9 to be able to take the Home Alone course or is “going to be 9 within a month or two” close enough? My daughter will be 9 in May, but the March or April dates might work better for us.

    Thank you!

  3. I want to register our grandaughter for the babysitting course on March 24/18.
    I can not get on the website and I don’t want to put my credit card on the computer.
    Can we register her and send you a money order in advance? Can you tell us where it is held
    and the time?
    thank you,

  4. I would like to register my two children for the home alone course in Lethbridge April 14 9-12 but I do not have a credit card.. is there an email that I can do an etransfer to pay and register them?

    1. Hello Tanya,

      Yes, you can pay by e-transfer. When you go to your cart you’ll be able to select and e-transfer option – no problem. πŸ™‚

  5. Hi I’m wanting to register for the home alone course on April 14th, my question is do I attend with my child?

    1. Hello Sonya,

      Parents do not need to attend this class with their child.

  6. I am wondering the location for the April 27 home alone course?

  7. What age is the home alone course geared too?

    1. The Home Alone Course is geared to students ages 9-11, although sometimes 8 year olds do attend. πŸ™‚

  8. Hi there. Can a 12 year old child attend the baby sitting course? Because i have an 8year old daugther and i just want to make sure that i could leave them both safely and without violating or bypassing any law. Thanks.

    1. Hello Jane,
      Yes, a 12 year old can attend the babysitting course. It is for ages 11-14. Have a great day! -Marina

  9. How many spots are still available for the Nov 10th 2018 Babysitters Course?

    1. We still have a few spots available. πŸ™‚

  10. I paid for course on 10th and now not able to make it can I get a refund or transfer to another date?

  11. Is there any spaces let for the Home Alone course in Turner Valley?

  12. For the first aid kit to become a health care aid person how much does it cost to go through the course?😊

    1. Hello Sara,

      The Childcare Emergency First Aid course is $115. There are small first aid kits available for $20 and $25.

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