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  1. I am wanting to see if you have any space left in Coaldale Home Alone thatโ€™s being ran at the Coaldale Public Library. Unable to register on line. Thanks for your reply.
    Teresa Elliott-Doersam

  2. Hi there. Does a child have to be 9 to be able to take the Home Alone course or is “going to be 9 within a month or two” close enough? My daughter will be 9 in May, but the March or April dates might work better for us.

    Thank you!

  3. I want to register our grandaughter for the babysitting course on March 24/18.
    I can not get on the website and I don’t want to put my credit card on the computer.
    Can we register her and send you a money order in advance? Can you tell us where it is held
    and the time?
    thank you,

  4. I would like to register my two children for the home alone course in Lethbridge April 14 9-12 but I do not have a credit card.. is there an email that I can do an etransfer to pay and register them?

    1. Hello Tanya,

      Yes, you can pay by e-transfer. When you go to your cart you’ll be able to select and e-transfer option – no problem. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hi Iโ€™m wanting to register for the home alone course on April 14th, my question is do I attend with my child?

    1. Hello Sonya,

      Parents do not need to attend this class with their child.

  6. I am wondering the location for the April 27 home alone course?

  7. What age is the home alone course geared too?

    1. The Home Alone Course is geared to students ages 9-11, although sometimes 8 year olds do attend. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Hi there. Can a 12 year old child attend the baby sitting course? Because i have an 8year old daugther and i just want to make sure that i could leave them both safely and without violating or bypassing any law. Thanks.

    1. Hello Jane,
      Yes, a 12 year old can attend the babysitting course. It is for ages 11-14. Have a great day! -Marina

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